How to Use Fuzzy Handcuffs

by Mae

If you have a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and you don’t know how to use them, there is no need to worry. There are many other people stuck in such a situation. The restraints are not like the usual metallic handcuff that police use for arresting criminals. It is more tender and relaxing to be in one of these restraints.

The fuzzy handcuffs are soft and comfortable for users. To know how to use this item, you have to decipher what you want to use it for. With this, you can carry on with discovering how to use it.

If you stay on this article, you will learn the different uses of hand restraints. You will also learn how to use it.

What are fuzzy handcuffs?

Fuzzy handcuffs are restraints that are soft inside. Most of them have leather on the outside and the interior is made of fur. For many others, the interior and exterior are made with fur and this type is more comfortable.

Unlike regular metallic handcuffs, these fuzzy restraints reduce the chance of anyone getting hurt. The metal restrainers can make you incur injuries if you wear them for a long time or struggle with your hands in them. But, that is not the case with the fuzzy handcuffs.

How to use fuzzy handcuffs

There are different uses of the fuzzy handcuffs and each of them has the same using method. The most frequent use of this fastener is during lovemaking. If you love to get your freak on or you’re into BDSM, this is one tool that’ll come in handy to enhance pleasure. Another use of the cuffs is for children’s stage plays or when they are playing “police and bad guy” in the yard. Below are the steps to use the product.

Position the person you want to cuff

This is a very important step because in the process. If you apply the cuffs before finding your position, you will get restricted to only a few positions. The few positions you get restricted to might not be too comfortable. This applies to lovemaking and plays.

You can’t indulge in an uncomfortable BDSM and have a blissful experience, so you need to observe this step. Also, arresting a criminal in a play-in and uncomfortable position might hurt the person.

Apply the fuzzy handcuffs and lock it

These fasteners mostly come with keys. After you have figured out a good position, the next thing you ought to do is cuff the person. Put the right hand in the right hole and the left hand in the left hole. Make sure the fasteners are on the wrists of the person. Then, with the key, lock it, and you can carry on with the activities you have in mind.


The different types of fuzzy handcuffs are still comfortable compared to conventional metal cuffs. They also have different uses for unique people. To use them, make sure the person you want to restrain is in a comfortable position. Then, lock it on his wrists with the key.

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